Renovation Sells / Chicago, IL

Tony has been working closely with Renovation Sells to document their awe-inspiring projects across various residential projects. His ability to identify and emphasize the most striking aspects of the renovated spaces has provided a platform for the renovation company to showcase their talents and attention to detail. By collaborating with Tony, Renovation Sells has successfully elevated their online presence, demonstrating their skill in breathing new life into both traditional and contemporary settings.

Tony’s expertise in architectural photography lies in his ability to understand the renovated space, embrace its unique character, and creatively convey the transformation. He meticulously captures each space’s ambiance, effectively highlighting the craftsmanship and design elements implemented by the Renovation Sells team. By shooting from various angles, playing with natural and artificial lighting, and emphasizing the textures and materials used, John’s photographs present a vivid, visual journey that speaks to the company’s dedication to their craft.