Lanzatech / Skokie, IL

LanzaTech, the trailblazers in carbon recycling technology, recently opened its doors to Tony to capture the innovative spirit and dedication of their scientists at work. Nestled in Skokie, IL, LanzaTech’s laboratory became the backdrop for a visual journey that tells the story of a company dedicated to reshaping our planet’s future.

With a vision to combat pollution, LanzaTech is turning heads in the scientific community. Their groundbreaking approach to recycling carbon emissions into practical household items is not just innovative; it’s the future. This revolutionary technology offers a tangible solution to one of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

Inside LanzaTech’s Skokie laboratory, Tony was given the unique opportunity to photograph scientists immersed in their work. From the gleaming equipment to the focused expressions of the researchers, his photographs provide a rare glimpse into the daily endeavors of the individuals pushing the boundaries of carbon recycling technology. These captured moments will be instrumental in LanzaTech’s internal and external promotional campaigns, allowing audiences to connect with the brand on a deeper, more personal level.