Icon Building Group / Mettawa, IL

Icon Building Group, stationed at Vernon Hills, IL, is more than just a custom home builder. They are the magicians who turn luxury home dreams into tangible realities. The all-black exterior of Icon’s recent project in Mettawa, IL, is an audacious and stunning architectural statement.

But the magic doesn’t stop at the doorstep. As one steps inside, they’re enveloped in a moody ambiance. The house flaunts a custom speakeasy room—a nod to the clandestine bars of the 1920s, an expansive open floor plan, and a seamless indoor/outdoor space, which effortlessly marries the beauty of nature with luxury living.

Documenting the essence of such a unique home was no small feat. Tony’s photos delve deep into the home’s soul, portraying the passion and precision with which Icon Building Group approached this project. Icon sculpted a space that defied conventions, presenting the home not just as a place to live, but as a work of art.