Forever Leaf / Chicago, IL

Tony’s recent collaboration with Forever Leaf, a leading provider of high-quality artificial plants, provided a unique opportunity to blend his expertise in photography with the lush, vibrant beauty of nature—albeit nature of the artificial variety. Forever Leaf has long been renowned for its stunning, lifelike artificial plants which offer an evergreen touch of green to any space, without any of the upkeep associated with real plants.

In the digital age, e-commerce photography is not just about capturing the look of a product—it’s about conveying the feel and the story of the product in the context of a real home. For Forever Leaf, the goal was to demonstrate how seamlessly their plants integrate into various design styles, from modern minimalistic to rich, eclectic interiors. The final photographs have been utilized across a variety of platforms, enhancing Forever Leaf’s online presence immensely. Not only are they featured in promotional campaigns and social media, but they also play a critical role in their e-commerce listings on major retail platforms like